Currently Running

Advanced MTB (Middle) – Saturday 9 AM @ Primarily Cabin John

Advanced MTB (HS) – Saturday 10:15 AM @ Primarily Cabin John

Beginner MTB – Sunday 12:00 PM @ Primarily Cabin John

Intermediate MTB – Saturday 11:30 AM @ Primarily Cabin John

Dirt Jumps 101/201 – Sunday 2 PM @ South Germantown Bike Park

Free 15 minute assessment

No matter what your age or skill level free 15 minute assessment for everyone to figure out what class or service would fit you best.

Beginner Biking

From not being able to pedal or freshly off training wheels this is the class for your child.

Beginner/Intermediate Biking

Sort of up and riding? Still having trouble getting started or getting stopped? This is the class for your child.

Intermediate BIking

Up and going now is the time to learn the rules of the road and the bike path. Class designed for both kids and adults.

MTB classes

Class is in session on how to navigate your Mountain Bike on all the awesomeness that is natural surface trails..

Dirt Jumping 101/102

Pump and Jump time to learn all the different techniques that will help you go fast on the track and on the trails. From being scared to get your tire off the ground all the way to throwing whips and tricks. This is the class for you.

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