Building Confidence Through Biking



Beginner Biking – Don’t know how to pedal that is okay.  Training wheels are all you have ever known that is okay.  You can’t get started on your own that is okay.  This class is designed to learn the basics of riding a bicycle to build that foundation of confidence in yourself.

Beginner/Intermediate Biking – Want to make that push to riding on two wheels permanently this is the class for you.  Class with a very precise goal.  To have you riding with confidence on two wheels on most basic terrain.

Intermediate Biking –  So you know how to ride, but you still lack the full ability to go anywhere and everywhere.  Class that focuses on being able to go anywhere and everywhere that you might want to go.  Build the confidence to take yourself on the adventures of your choosing.

Beginner MTB – Time to get off road and get over all those roots and rocks.  Take on those hills and the flats.  It’s time to expand your world through the great trails we have in the Montgomery County area.

Dirt Jumps 101/102 –  Sometimes there is nothing better than getting a little air.  Progress from being ground bound to flying through the air with some style.  Nothing breeds confidence like flying when people say humans can’t fly.

Solo – Need that one on one attention.  We understand solo classes are available time permitting for any level of rider.

304 Biking Club – Allows your child to attend any class in the calendar year you register them for.