304 Biking

Building Confidence Through Biking

Classes Include:

Beginner Biking:  Designed for kids who are just starting to ride a bicycle.

                               Not being able to pedal OK

                               Training wheels OK

Beginner/Intermediate Biking:  For kids who can push the pedals

                                                        Training wheels OK

                                                        Needs help to Start OK

                                                        Start and Stop 2 wheels

Intermediate Biking:  For kids who can ride their bike without training wheels.

                                      Starts on own

                                      Begin working on riding on differing terrain

                                      Focus more on rules of the road

                                      Begin work on standing up and riding.

Advanced Biking:  For kids who can confidently ride without any help needed

                                Start working on advanced techniques like wheelies and bunny hops to traverse other terrains.

                                Will begin to go over more technical terrain including rooted trails and bumps and jumps.

Beginner BMX:  For kids who want to learn how to get over obstacles through the air instead of on the ground.

                             Learn how to use bunny hopping and wheeling technique to get over obstacles.

                             Begin learning techniques to manage the bike while in the air.

TO register for classes e-mail Sean@304biking.com