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Beginner Biking

Great class for younger kids that don't know how to pedal, are still on training wheels or are making the jump from push bike to pedal bike.

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Beginner Intermediate Biking

Time to start making that final step of riding all on your own.  Great for older kids just trying to learn how to get moving on two wheels and younger kids trying to get that confidence to start and stop on their own.

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Intermediate Biking

Time to go everywhere and anywhere on two wheels.  Start learning all the rules of the roads and bike paths.  Time to build the confidence to go wherever your bike might take you.

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Building Confidence Through Biking

Confidence such a fickle thing to create and cultivate.  Our one mission is to help create and build confidence through riding a bike.  It all starts with learning how to ride and then gets exponentially greater from there.  Let's just get out and ride.